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RECENT POSTS Alumni Registry Newest

  Name: Barba, Marciana G.
  Year Grad: 2008
  Course: Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)
  Date Registered: 08/08/17 | 03:32 pm

  Year Grad: 2004
  Course: BS Social Work
  Date Registered: 08/08/17 | 01:47 pm

  Name: Dava, Ma. Kathleen Loren M.
  Year Grad: 2015
  Course: Basic Education Department (Kinder-Highschool)
  Date Registered: 08/02/17 | 03:18 pm

  Name: Caparros, Cristin Marie G.
  Year Grad: 2015
  Course: Basic Education Department (Kinder-Highschool)
  Date Registered: 08/02/17 | 03:15 pm

  Name: Arenas, Aileen A.
  Year Grad: 2001
  Course: BS Commerce -Finance
  Date Registered: 07/30/17 | 07:37 pm

  Name: Belmonte, Justine M.
  Year Grad: 2017
  Course: BS Accountancy
  Date Registered: 07/28/17 | 03:44 pm

  Name: Pantinople, Maria Leonora Theresa P.
  Year Grad: 1995
  Course: AB Literature
  Date Registered: 07/26/17 | 08:55 pm

  Name: Gaditano, Kharyl Therese C.
  Year Grad: 2017
  Course: Basic Education Department (Kinder-Highschool)
  Date Registered: 07/25/17 | 02:43 pm

  Name: Lascano, Michaela E.
  Year Grad: 2008
  Course: BS Psychology
  Date Registered: 07/25/17 | 02:24 pm

  Name: Sales, Miguel Agustin T.
  Year Grad: 2014
  Course: Basic Education Department (Kinder-Highschool)
  Date Registered: 07/17/17 | 07:57 am

  Name: Cerdeña, Hanna Grace M.
  Year Grad: 2016
  Course: BS Accountancy
  Date Registered: 07/10/17 | 12:03 pm

  Name: Rodelas Cathee Kenee A.
  Year Grad: 2017
  Course: BE Education - Special Education (SpEd)
  Date Registered: 07/07/17 | 10:47 am