HED students attend Stress Management Seminar

Article/News by: Punam Dhillon (The Heart Publication)

Students from the Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy and Psychology joined in the Stress Management Seminar with the theme “Don’t Let Stress Be a Pest” held at Hermana Fausta Hall on August 15.

Mr. Dario C. Flores, MD, a psychiatrist of Mount Carmel Hospital, shared his knowledge and understanding regarding stress management.

Dr. Flores mentioned that stress is just normal to human beings and he explained that fears, problems, late nights, work, debts, and anxiety could be some causes of our stress. He shared some of his personal experiences involving stress. He also discussed the different effects of stress in our body, mind, emotions and behavior and how we can cope up with our stress such us having time management in doing activities, always thinking positively, not expecting too much but being realistic, engaging oneself into sports, eating healthy foods, learning to say “no”, and being calm and relax at all times. He ended his talk in a quotation, “Enjoy and love what you are doing.”

Ckiana Calaycay, a third year student of BS Pharmacy, recapped and summarized the talk and shared her insights regarding what she had learned.

Ms. Ma. Lina Peregrin and Mrs. Jocelyn Magsaysay was the organizer of the event. Arvin Angelo Lising and Jenina Paula Mendoza, students from the College of Nursing, hosted the event.
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