Head on for Talent Exposition

Article/News by: By Rica Benosa and Lean Dimailig

All departments in Sacred Heart College are putting everything in order to hit the crowd with their respective entries in the talent exposition tomorrow, August 14, 2014, at the SHC Gymnasium.

Unlike the previous Talent Expositions, the contest committees modified the mechanics of this activity. The participants must integrate cultural segment on their masterpieces.

Here’s a round up of how selected Colleges prepare for tomorrow’s event:


The College of Social Work (CSW) has a different way of rehearsing this time; they are very much strict on time, movements, facial expressions, and delivery of dialogue. With their team leader Amiel Alano (BSSW-IV), they are more focused and works are divided equally.

They use spiritual and inspirational music as their motivation for it heightens the emotions of the members when delivering their piece. With their rhythmic and poetic Masterwork, College of Social Work is looking forward to be on top three (3).


For the College of Psychology, Argelou Paderes (BSP-IV) runs the preparation of their college. They did not handle any auditions instead they do workshops for the first years and previous participants. Due to the lesser time preparation given, the team is pressured but they were able to cope up with the adjustments especially on the new mechanics given. Having the theme, they believe that it is there edge, for their piece needs to carry out cultural presentations.

The team expects to enjoy everything and their masterpiece to be properly executed, to entertain the mob and of course to be on track.


College of Teacher Education (CoTED) who clinched the title last year got time pressured for they have short span of preparation. Having this situation, Simeon Ricalde (BSEED IV) who wrote the script and directs the group is still able to handle the situation for their college, they do fast phasing and workshops for the participants. He motivates their team by allowing them to savor every lines and words in their play and through grasping the whole story. Humbleness is still there, they’re not expecting to be on lead again for they do believe that it is not a competition but it should be an inspiration as they put their heart to their work.

College of Liberal Arts (COLA) maintain there way of preparing but they make sure that there will be a twist on their work. With their advancement in technology and openness in change, they know that they will break the trend. They will not just be showing an ordinary jazz chant, but they are ready to showcase all the talents available in their team. Whenever this event comes, expectations from the crowd are really present. It shows that Cordians are competitive enough while carrying the true Cordian Values.

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