Cordians gen up, take stance against sexual harassment

Article/News by: Adysa Joyce Revilla and Angelica Joy Rodelas (The Heart Publication)

“Enough, stop sexual harassment!”

These were the words exclaimed by the speaker, Atty. Shiela De Leon, during the seminar on this topic held at the VR1 on August 14, 2014.

The theme of the event “It is not a complement, It is Harassment” aimed to encourage Cordians to speak-up and educate themselves about the issue.

Atty. De Leon explained sexual harassment as an unwelcomed sexually determined behavior as physical contact, sexual advances, sexually colored remark. Most victims, according to her, are subordinate or the employers. Under the Republic Act 7877 or The Anti-Sexual Harassment Act of 1995, sexual harassment can be committed by the employer, manager, teacher, instructor and other persons. This could happen in work-related environment andin an educational institution or a training environment. She also gave examples about sexual provocation between an employer and the chairman, and between a student and a teacher, where both victims have the right to stop the perpetrator.

The speaker also shared the approaches to combat sexual harassment: proactive approach and reactive approach. Other offense was also discussed. These are acts of lasciviousness, unjust vexation, intriguing against honor, slander by deed, grave scandal, expounding immoral doctrines, grave threat, coercion and rape.

An open forum wrapped-up the activity.
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