Seminar101: On drugs, violence against women, and bullying

Article/News by: Joyce Ann Espina (The Heart Publication)

A seminar on drugs and smoking, violence against women, and the anti-bullying act was held at the SHC Gymnasium on August 13, 2014, 2:30pm and participated in by HED students.

Police Inspector Elena Nuera Eleazar was the first speaker. She discussed the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council’s mission that will make Lucena City, a drug-free town with the theme “Sama-Samasa bagong Lucena, Labanan Salot na Droga.” Elena emphasized the importance of giving such seminar to the country’s future leaders.

Quoting the National Statistics Office, Elena said that at present, there are 6.7 million drug users nationwide 2.2 million of which are minors. “Teachers and facilitators have the right to arrest and surrender to police power. Students violating the law for the 1st offense will undergo 6-month rehabilitation, second offenders will suffer 6-12 years of imprisonment with PhP50,000-200,000 penalty,” she added.

The first speaker introduced the different stages of drug-users together with their reasons for using such, including but not limited to peer pressure, stress reliever and curiosity. The dangers of smoking was also tackled, its downfall and long run disadvantages. Ms. Elena surprised the audience with the fact that those who smoke have 700% chance of dying due to lung cancer than the average person.

The second part of the seminar is all about RA 9262 or the Anti-Violence against Women and their Children Act of 2004. According to Mrs. Elena, Violence against women and children is a public crime, therefore mediation between respondent and victim to be performed by officials is not allowed. Protection Order was also discussed. It is about the right of the victim to ask for protection from public authorities against advantageous partners.

PO3 Mailene Reyes was the second speaker. She talked about RA10627 or the Anti-Bullying Act, an act requiring all elementary and secondary schools to adopt policies against bullying. Bullying, according to her, involves unwanted physical contact between the bully and the victim and emotional abuses.

The last topic discussed was about crime prevention. How students can prevent crime by being aware to its danger and probabilities and how they can be of big help if learning is spread to the public.

The seminar ended at 3:15PM with an intermission number from CBA Sessionistas.
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