MAN IN THE MIRROR: A Seminar on Student’s Habits

Article/News by: Nova Onsay (The Heart Publication)

On August 13, 2014, a seminar entitled “Man in the Mirror,” sponsored by the BS Accountancy Department, took place at the Sacred Heart College Audio Visual Room as part of the 4-day College Days Celebration.

The seminar was about student’s habits and what the mind setting of the students is nowadays.

John Carlo Abel and Kylie Uy from BSA-4 made an introduction about the event and did the traditional roll call of participants. Mr. Sherwin Mark De Oro, the main speaker explained first the phrase “Man in the Mirror”. According to him, the seminar will be about “what you think about yourself.”

To start the main topic, Mr. De Oro cited some of the quotes from known persons like Lao Tzu, OgMandino and John C. Maxwell. A video was played; it was about how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. In the video, a woman was asked to sit down and have a talk with a stranger. A couple of minutes later, a man with drawing skills told that stranger to describe the facial features of the woman. Then, after a while, the woman was asked to describe herself. There was a big difference between the two sketches and there was something the video was telling, “you are beautiful more than what you think.” Another video was shown; the video was about people who are afraid to dream because of failure and people who know more about others than they do about themselves.

Mr. De Oro opened another view in the topic; the causes of poor self-image. It was followed by the steps to a healthy self-image. He elaborates these topics by citing some of the real life situations that the students can relate. He gave an opinion about these topics saying, “Smile even though you don’t feel like smiling.”

To wrap up the seminar, another video was shown to the students. In the video, a man was speaking to his audience about success. He explained how some people tend to give up easily on their dream just because of not getting enough sleep. He said though, that “some people want to succeed more than they want to sleep, and want success as much as they want to breathe.”
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