Article/News by: Karen G. Habito (The Heart Publication)

Cordians were all ears during the seminar about the Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV-AIDS) which was organized by the College of Nursing and Pharmacy (CONAP), August 15.

The seminar started with an opening prayer led by Nyna Abundabar, BSN3, which was followed by the opening remarks prepared by Mrs. Shiela Diaz.

Mrs. Diaz said that for the first quarter, there were 489 new cases here in the Philippines. The first victim came from the NCR, second was from Central Visayas, and third was from CALABARZON. Among these cases, a 14-year-old female is said to be the youngest victim of HIV, while majority of HIV victims were males.

Sr. Nenita Divina F. Pateña, D.C., who was the guest speaker, showed a video clip entitled “HIV-AIDS: THE SILENT KILLER”. HIV can kill a person and there is no cure for this. Any age, gender, race, and religion can have it. 90% of the infected persons do not know that they have HIV- AIDS. Persons can acquire this by blood transfusion, breast milk, and sexual fluid. However, this infection cannot be passed through saliva, mucus, sweat, tears and body waste. Also, HIV cannot survive in the air.

According to her, there is a reported case of HIV-AIDS here in Lucena. To conduct her prepared activity, she asked ten volunteers to play a role as a priest, nun, nurse and OFW which aims to emphasize how fast the virus could spread.

The seminar was concluded by giving the certificate of recognitionto Sr. Nenita Divina F. Pateña,D.C.

The seminar started at 1:00 PM, at C4 and C5 and was emceed by Ckiana Oprah G. Calaycay.
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